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Is Sleep Affecting Your Weight?

  Did you know that sleep affects your metabolism AND ability to lose weight? Sleep allows our bodies to recover from stressors such as work, …

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3 Considerations During the “Long Haul”

We are just about half way through 2019. Can you believe it? Many of us are focusing on taking a long-term approach to our health …

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4 Ways to Keep Summer Simple

The summer can sometimes be a roll of the nutrition dice.    You may have a summer full of travel, outdoor parties, and schedule inconsistencies. …

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Two Phases of Nutrition Coaching

  Nutrition changes do not happen overnight. That is why at Cypher, we break up nutrition coaching into two phases. When you first sign up …

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7 Ways To Stand Out

I vividly remember running 300s. Around this time of year, about 20 years ago. Skyline Football summer training camps, ahhh those were some formative years …

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Exercise your NO muscle

We talk a lot about building healthy habits like meal prep, drinking water, scheduling time for exercise and going to bed earlier to get at …

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How to Save Your Fruits and Veggies

We have all been there — you are super excited to start eating healthier so you go out and buy tons and tons of fruits …

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I just fell. No, really. I just tripped walking up a curb. And I fell down. Hard. On all fours. I was looking around, enjoying …

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Steps to making nutrition simple, #4 is the easiest

“Something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated.” This is a phrase you will hear from anyone familiar with CrossFit, over and over again. People …

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The Basics of Marinating

Do you find yourself cooking the same things over and over, with little variations to seasonings or flavors? A great way to add flavor, with …

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