Two Phases of Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition changes do not happen overnight. That is why at Cypher, we break up nutrition coaching into two phases. When you first sign up for nutrition coaching, you start out in Phase 1. Phase 1 lasts for three months, and gives you a strong foundation to change your habits. Three months is enough time to build new habits, and allows you to focus on a few steps at a time.

After those three months, you will transition into Phase II for an indefinite amount of time. This is considered ongoing nutrition coaching. During Phase II, you are now taking these changes to the next level. You have built some healthy habits, and now you can add on to them and challenge yourself. 

Having two phases takes the pressure off of you to change in a short period of time. It also allows you to focus on one or two areas at a time, instead of trying to change everything at once. 

Here is the breakdown of some things you may work on in Phase I:

  • Improving your current habits (Did you know it takes 66 days to form a habit?)
    • Reduction of sugar
    • Limiting or eliminating sodas
    • Limiting or eliminating alcohol
  • Taking small steps to improve your current nutrition
  • Focusing on whole foods
  • Ensuring you have some basic habits:
    • Sleep 6+ hours per night
    • Take Omegas Daily
    • Logging your food
    • Drinking 80oz of water per day
  • Staying on track

Every client is different so that list may not be exactly the same for you, but the biggest point is to make sure you are getting educated, forming healthy habits, and learning how to make small changes that are sustainable. Once you have nailed down the simple tasks you are moved into Phase II. Here is the breakdown of some things you may work on in Phase II.

  • Navigating menus when eating out
  • Learning what moderation is and adhering to it
  • Dialing in the details
    • Focusing on whole foods within guidelines
    • Making changes to food quantities to drive progress or maintenance
  • Modifying recipes to be healthier

No matter where you are in your nutrition journey, there is a place for you with specific action steps designed to be simple and effective. You CAN make life long changes that are easy enough to stick to that also yields results. Click below to get started today!!


To Your Continued Success,

Coach Don



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