12 Days of Cypher Health & Fitness

The gift of Fitness and Community is our theme for December, and we are celebrating with “The 12 Days of Cypher Health & Fitness!”

What’s it all about?

We challenge you to 12 back-to-back CrossFit Benchmark WODs starting Monday December 5th through Saturday December 17th.

How does it all work?

Regardless of what membership you have we invite you to attend class every day from the 5th-17th of December. This challenge is open to absolutely everyone, all you need to do is turn up to a class and we will write your name on the board and keep a log of all 12 WODs.

What if I can’t Rx the WODs?

Don’t worry, we will provide you with scaling, as always for the Benchmarks WODs, however we encourage you to try your hardest and push your limits. Its not often we’re able to program in so many Benchmark WODs so its a good time to set new PRs!

What if I can’t make it one day?

Don’t worry if life gets in the way, just complete as many workouts as you can. We do not recommend double day WODs to make up for a missed day, this challenge is tough enough as it is!

What are the WODs?!

Wouldn’t you like to know! To keep things interesting we’re going to kick it back to the old skool way of posting them one day at a time (via the standard SugarWOD 8PM notification). AM coach will write it up on the whiteboard the morning of. Here is a zoomed out snapshot of the 12 days you can use to venture some guesses!


Some “Cypher Pro-Tips”:

  1. Strategize: Have a plan of attack going into each workout. If it’s a 21-15-9 workout, are you going to go unbroken, or should you break up the reps into some mini-descending sets? How are you going to manage your rest time? Breathing Countdown or play it by ear?
  2. Sleep to Perform: Aim for 8+ hours per night! This is what is going to prime your system to perform at its best.
  3. Eat to Perform: Are you getting enough Protein, Fat, and Carbs to perform at your best? Without good recovery you will be sore by Day 6 or sooner, so make sure your eating enough and repairing those muscles. Considering upping your food intake by adding a few healthy fats (olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil) and natural carb sources (rice, sweet potatoes). Chocolate has its place but not in your pre- or post-workout plan.
  4. Mobilize to Perform: Bottom squats every morning, noon, and night. Overhead Squats with a band or stick 20 reps per day. You want to cultivate a ready-state and not go into each workout feeling like a rusty Tin Woman or Tin Man. Constant movement is the answer!
  5. Don’t Give Up: Make a habit of showing up (even when its tough) and it will become second nature. We take care of the details once you make it to the gym, so you can count on the community to keep you going once you make it to the gym.
  6. Have Fun! This really is an enjoyable 12 day-progression. Sometimes we forget that the original Benchmarks WODs are the foundation of CrossFit, and we all can participate in the legacy that started it all. It’s all for fun and each of you contribute to the spirit of the Cypher Community by smiling before, during, and after the workout is done.

What happens on Day 12?

The WOD on Day 12 is a special one, so after the 12 days of hard work you deserve a bit of a treat! Our Holiday Party/Potluck will kick off as soon as the final WOD is complete on Day 12 (Saturday December 17th).

What: 12 Days of CrossFit, 12 benchmark WODs, 1 each day.
When: Monday December 12th- Saturday December 17th
Where: CrossFit Cypher
How: No need to sign up, just show up for all 12 days!
What Else: Christmas Potluck/Post-WOD Ugly Sweater Party follows the final WOD on Day 12, Saturday 17th December. More details to follow in the facebook event.



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