New You Challenge: Don’t Hold Back!

Are These 5 Concerns Holding You Back From STARTING?

Starting something new, especially a new workout program, can come with degrees of concern and, for some, crushing anxiety. Ahhh change is SCARY! Run awayyy!

It doesn’t have to be this way… especially not here at Cypher Health & Fitness where we specialize in helping beginners get started.

Here are 5 concerns that hold people back from living a more fulfilling life, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, why they don’t have to anymore.

Concern #1: “What if I can’t do it?” Then we will kill you. Ha! Just kidding! I only make this joke for you to see how silly it sounds. Of course you CAN do it at Cypher! We have been teaching beginners how to START their fitness journey for years, and have MANY tools in our tool belt to make sure you have a positive and appropriately challenging workout each day. We scale, scale, scale the workout! We regularly help pregnant mothers-to-be, 60+ athletes, and people that have never worked out a day in their lives complete fun and challenging workouts and walk away smiling. We make sure all our coaches know something about each and every member before they see them at class for the first time. Each Cypher Coach has also invested years in honing their skills to better serve our members, and are completing ongoing education to continue bettering themselves. And, I’ll tell you a secret: the goal we have at Cypher for each one of our clients is simple: Be safe, have fun and learn something. You can do that! And if you keep doing that, you’ll keep coming back!

Concern #2”: “What if I look stupid?” Starting something new can certainly make you feel awkward. But there is nothing wrong with being a beginner. In fact, if we are doing it right, we approach all things from a “beginner’s mind” (Shoshin) at all times. Embrace newness; it helps you appreciate everything that you already have and view the world in a positive light. The only way out is through!

Concern #3: “What if I get hurt? You are choosing to do something athletic. This comes with a small bit of risk. But here’s some interesting “risk” thoughts to chew on:

450 people die in the U.S. each year falling out of bed!

Here is a list of injury rates per 100 participant hours:

Source: Injury rates per 100 participation hours in various sports. From Hamill, B. “Relative Safety of Weightlifting and Weight Training,” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 8(1):53-57, 1994. [Table reproduced from Starting Strength]

And let’s not even get into the risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and other Metabolic conditions that arise from sitting on your couch and doing nothing!

You absolutely stand a much greater risk of dying by not exercising! (Or being killed by your bed!)

At Cypher Health & Fitness, our training principles are sound and science-based, our staff is highly certified and you are continuously guided by an experienced coach at each class!

Concern #4: “Do I need to be in shape first?” Nope. We get you in shape and then we keep you progressing. That’s our job and that’s why you hired us. BUT, if you do want a little extra before beginning our program, feel free to do each of the following workouts once per week for 2-3 weeks:

Workout A: As Many Reps As Possible in 12 minutes:
4 Hand Release Push-ups (from knees ok)
8 Sit-ups (feet anchored ok)
12 Air Squats (as low as you can)

Workout B: 5 Rounds for Time:
5 Burpees (chest to floor, stand up all the way)
10 Lunge Steps (5 per leg, light knee touch)
15 Hollow Rocks (knees bent ok)

Workout C: Burpee Ladder –  Score is the highest “rung”/round of the ladder you make it to!

Set a clock to beep Every Minute On the  Minute (EMOM):
complete 1 Burpee the 1st minute, then rest the remainder of the minute
complete 2 Burpees the 2nd minute, then rest the remainder of the minute
complete 3 Burpees the 3rd minute, then rest the remainder of the minute
complete 4 Burpees the 4th minute, then rest the remainder of the minute
complete 5 Burpees the 5th minute, then rest the remainder of the minute

Keep adding one burpee each minute until you can barely complete the work in a minute!

Scoring Scale:

Beginner: 7 Rounds

Beginner-Intermediate: 9 Rounds

Intermediate: 12 Rounds

Advanced: 15+ Rounds

Concern #5: “I’m not who I used to be.” Who cares? We don’t. You are who you are right now and that’s it. Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. Remove the self-doubt and the concerns about “what you could do back then” and get going. Just be you now. Chances are that person’s pretty awesome. Start there, with us, and I guarantee you we can do something really amazing together. Maybe even be BETTER than you used to be. Think about that!

At Cypher Health & Fitness, we change lives every day. Our favorite phrase, and we hear it daily, is when one of our members says, “I never thought I’d be able to do that.” We can’t wait to hear you say it too :).

-Mauricio Leal & Leslie Macedo

Cypher Health & Fitness Co-Owners & Head Coaches

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