What’s In Your Piggy Bank?

Some days it can be hard to get to the gym. Maybe you didn’t sleep well, or work has been completely overwhelming all day long. Perhaps you’re so sore the thought of the squats during the warm-up itself makes you cringe.

Especially on days where you feel less than 100%, it’s helpful to remember the long game. You know that consistency is what produces results. There is no one single magic workout session that will flip a switch and will get you that first pull-up, better cardio, a 300# back squat, or *insert any goal here.* It’s one thing to ‘know’ that consistency yields results, but another to show up when you don’t feel awesome.

On days where you feel sub-par remember your piggy bank. Yup. That’s right. Your piggy bank.

Every day in the gym you’re making a deposit. A deposit toward your long-term health. Some days you feel great –  you’ve eaten well, you feel rested on 8 hours of sleep, you feel energized, and you are not in pain –  you are able to make a bigger deposit in your piggy bank. You can get a solid training session in, give 100% effort and maybe even squeeze in some extra credit accessories. On these days, you’re able to slide that coveted dollar bill in your pink porcelain piggy bank.

Unfortunately, we don’t always feel this way. Some days we don’t get to put cash in our piggy bank. Some days we only get to place the spare change we find in the crevices of our couch cushions. The amount itself is not what is most important – it is imperative that you place something in the piggy bank each and every day. Even if it’s just a penny.

This piggy bank is the investment in your long-term health and wellness. It’s your arsenal against disease.

Every time you wake up early to stretch before rushing to the office – you’re dropping some change in your piggy bank. When you make a good choice to have a healthy fresh lunch instead of the drive through, you’re placing another handful of change in your piggy bank. And each and every time you show up to the gym – even if you don’t feel that you’re at your best – you’re placing a big chunk of change into that piggy bank.

Some day you may need to make a withdrawal. You want to make sure you’ve invested enough to combat whatever challenge you may be facing.

I also want you to think about the feeling when your hard work pays off. When the little efforts you make every single day results in that first pull-up, or when you finish that first workout under the time cap.

It’s similar to the feeling when you place your hand in your jacket pocket and you find that crumpled five-dollar bill you didn’t know you had.


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