That Feeling When

When you strap on your lifting belt and stare down the bar.

When you’re 5 minutes into a 20 min AMRAP, dying.

When you look at the workout on the board and wonder “how in the hell?”

When you finish it anyway.

When you go unbroken at the end of the workout and surprise yourself.

When you go unbroken at the start of the workout and are like wooo I’m awesome!

When you catch a heavy clean and you’re like “FFFFFF—-!”

When you get your first pull-up!

When you get your first muscle-up!

When you get your first rope climb!

When you lockout a heavy deadlift and everyone is cheering for you.

When you run 400m without stopping for the first time.

When you don’t have knee pain after struggling with it for a long time.

When you go the bathroom right before the workout starts and give yourself a pep talk in the mirror.

When you start an epic hero workout and you’re like “holy shit I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

When you’re high fiving everyone after.

When you see someone feeling discouraged and offer them support.

When you see someone else PR and it makes you want to try harder.

When you see someone pushing themselves and it makes you want to try harder.

When you see your significant other getting after it and you’re like “yeahhh they’re with me!”

When you make a mistake in front of everyone and they love you for it anyway.

When you get 30 seconds in on the new Echo bike.

When you start to like burpees.

When you learn how to breathe at the top of a thruster.

When you’re sweat angels has more muscles than you thought it would.

When you have more muscles than before.

The sound of the PR bell ringing in your hand.

When you get home and think “today was a good day.”

How about you?


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