The Importance of Competing

Please enjoy this guest blog by Cypher member Rocky S.!

About three years ago Mauricio encouraged me to compete in a local Powerlifting meet produced by Tom Campitelli.  It was the first athletic competition I had experienced since High School.

While a little intimidating at first, like anything new, I found the Powerlifting community to be just like Cypher Health & Fitness, supportive and friendly.  Since then, I have competed in six meets around the state in Emeryville, Merced, and San Diego.  While some CrossFitters prefer weightlifting, I have found Powerlifting to be just right for me.  My wife and I make mini-vacations from some of these outings and visit family and friends along the way.

Here is why I compete:  Workouts can get a little stale from time to time.  Preparing for a competition provides me with a little athletic spice, and who doesn’t enjoy a little more spice in life?  The experience adds a fresh perspective on my workouts by creating strength.  Yes, you will get stronger by purposefully preparing for a weightlifting or Powerlifting competition.  It will also better prepare you for the annual CrossFit Open in February.  Tom puts on a fun and supportive meet.  It is well-run and perfect for beginning lifters.  The next Fall Classic meet will take place in Emeryville on Sunday, October 28, and there is space available.  If you want to compete, and I hope you will, tickets can be found at this website,

In addition to competitors, Tom is also looking for people to help out at the meet, including the highly coveted role of loading the bar.  Whether you decide to compete, help Tom out, or watch for free, save October 28, on your calendar and come out and support all the Powerlifters.  Who knows how many new friends (or new resolutions) you will make?

Happy Lifting,

Rocky Saunders


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