Taking it All In Without Taking it All On

You just heard about the wellness membership at your local gym that includes exercise classes and nutrition coaching. This is exciting because you know that by incorporating nutrition and exercise, that will get you the results you want.


But, this leaves you feeling overwhelmed at the possibility of making too many changes at once.

How do you take all of this information in, without getting stressed that you need to make all of these changes at once?


Lets take a sneak peak at your first year in your wellness membership.


You start by meeting with the nutrition coach to identify short and long term goals, determine your baseline biometrics and talk about an average day to determine where to begin. You come up with a couple action steps to start addressing behaviors you want to change without completely changing everything at once with your nutrition. At the gym, you meet with a coach to start to learn a new language of fitness- various forms of squats and lifts, and start to work muscles that haven’t been worked in a while.


One month in, you celebrate that by just addressing a few areas with nutrition, you are already seeing results on your biometric data. You are starting to feel more energized and excited to come to the gym to be around people that celebrate the completion of some really tough workouts.


3 months in, you start to notice that you are exchanging more healthy recipes with people at the gym. Drinking water and eating vegetables are becoming more routine. You are celebrating more changes with your nutrition coach, and starting to see those results. Clothes are fitting better. In the gym, you are remembering what the moves are called, and are starting to crave coming to the gym to be around people with the same health and wellness goals.


6 months in, the taste of regular soda and sugary treats is starting to become less appealing. Your plate seems more balanced, and contains more vegetables than ever before. You find that you aren’t eating out as much, and that when you do, you are more confident in your ability to make healthy choices. Your workouts are starting to feel better. Muscles and joints aren’t as sore. And you have so many more friends in your gym family that celebrate healthy behaviors with you.


1 year from now, you celebrate some long term goal attainment with your nutrition coach. Things you didn’t think were possible at the beginning of your membership. By adopting a couple changes at a time, and building on those healthy habits, and practicing those behaviors every day, you’ve made some big changes. You have way more healthy tools in your tool basket than a year ago. You’ve noticed that you may have repeated the same workout in a record time, and with a heavier weight, when you struggled to finish the same workout a year ago. Maybe you’ve had a celebration at your primary care provider’s office because fasting glucose, A1c, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are way down, and you are able to get off medications for these conditions.


The point is this.


Take it all in. There will be so many great opportunities that will come your way with a wellness membership that address consistency with both nutrition and exercise. Don’t feel that you have to take it all on and change everything at once. Like you learned from your exercise coaches, you start with foundation movements, learn to move well, and then build from there. With help from your nutrition coaches, you will learn to adopt a couple healthy habits at a time, and build on those over time.


A year from now, by addressing both nutrition and exercise in a wellness membership, you will be empowered that you have made behavior changes that will allow you to meet the healthiest version of yourself.

To Your Continued Success,

Coach Don


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