How to Win at Snacking

Staying on track with your nutrition goals can be difficult. Snacking can often derail our hard work. To keep up with your goals try to eliminate the option of unhealthy snacking by surrounding yourself with only healthy choices. When we reach for snacks, it is usually out of convenience, which translates to whatever we have laying around. So, let’s discuss how to win at snacking because sometimes the best-laid plans often go awry due to poor planning.

If it’s made by Frito-Lay, Throw it Away

Sounds simple, but we make all sorts of excuses when it comes to cleaning out the pantry. When I started a healthy eating routine, I couldn’t bring myself to throw away food. So, I made a deal with myself that I would eat all the unhealthy food I currently had in my house, and then start my diet after that. I think we all can guess how well that worked for me. In the end, it’s best to trash all the junk food you have around the house and replace it with healthier options. For example, if you love having crunchy and salty foods, replace your usual bag of potato chips with fiber-rich and protein-packed Harvest Snaps. If you’re someone like me that can’t bring themselves to throw away food try giving it away. Whatever you choose, this is not the time to have your own last supper.

Monday to Thursday your Body is a Temple

Friday to Sunday it’s a Fun-House. This is not how you want to think if you’re going to see results in the mirror. In a later post, I’ll address how alcohol and staying out late can derail your nutrition goals, but for now, I want to highlight how important it is to stay consistent. Some of us schedule our cheat meals for Friday or Saturday night. However, the advent of the weekend need not be the harbinger of poor decision making. If you’re out at the movies or with friends, come prepared to make good nutrition choices. Don’t be caught without a plan.

No Loitering

Somewhere in our nutrition discourse, the term cheat day took on several different meanings. Some of us took it at face value and committed an entire day to eat whatever we wanted in whatever quantities we wanted. Those of us inclined to a little more self-restraint allowed ourselves one meal each week of whatever we wanted. And then there were the more inventive folks that found space for a cheat meal– every day. My advice when it comes to cheat meals is to have your cheat snack once a week and move on. Don’t loiter over the issue of cheat meals. See cheat meals as a reward for following through on your healthier nutrition habits, and build those good habits.


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