How To Suck Less And Succeed

Now that the 2016 Open is over, I want you all to have a road map for success. After going through this cycle with our members and the community at large for several years now, I have a few observations I would like to share with you:

  1. It turns out, just “doing CrossFit” in its rawest form (classes and metcons) will only take most people so far, especially if you have some very specific weaknesses you need to address. For 1-2 years, it will be enough to see some great PRs and accomplishments. If you’re still in that phase of training with us, don’t overthink things, trust us. Just keep showing up and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re beyond this phase and you are doing the old 1 step forward 2 steps back routine, or the same issues keep creeping up, read on.
  2. Want to get a muscle-up? Struggling with Double Unders, Snatching or even just getting below parallel on a Squat? You need to practice it, receive feedback on it, make adjustments and try and try again multiple times per week. This is the core message of Malcolm Gladwell’s talent myth, and you can apply it to your training and development in so many facets of your life. Don’t get me wrong, for the right kind of person (think Diego or Don), just doing the classes will take you very far (but not all the way). People that have athletic backgrounds (especially having been coached prior) and tenacious drive will see a wall and run through it — even though sometimes it’s better to climb over it or walk around it (develop better technique) — but I digress ;).
  3. You have to believe you can do it; that you are worthy and deserving of success the same as anyone/everyone else. This is the work of overcoming our demons, but is essential if we really want to see ourselves through to our goals, whatever they may be.
  4. We (Cypher Health & Fitness) are in the “fitness business” and run a “CrossFit gym”, and to most people that usually means you show up and work out 3-5 times per week (ideally) for an hour class, get coached (can mean many things), have a good time working out, push yourself, high five your gym friends, go to work, go home, eat all the proteins and vegetables, sleep, enjoy a bit of free time here and there, rinse and repeat. And that’s a pretty good model. For some that may be all you ever want and need. But we can do more. As I see it in 2016, we are really in the “Seeing-People-Through-To-Their-Potential” business. You might even call it the “Self-Actualization” business. And that adds another layer.
  5. The solutions to ALL of your problems, once properly identified, are relatively simple. They just require proper identification (see movement), and time and  effort (you). You are rare and precious, but at the same time we have seen enough athletes and there are enough gyms running into the same tight hips and looping bar paths that we have built a library of solutions for almost any problem. This manifests mostly through our coaching, but people are out there writing books as well. In time there will an app for it I’m sure.

Basically, to make the most of your time and progress with us many of you will be best served with some supplemental work. This aligns perfectly with the CrossFit ideology of “work on your weaknesses,” which the last Cypher Pro Tip video hopefully helped you identify.

Based on your post-2016 Open assessment, you can identify your weaknesses based on this simple translation of your struggle points:


There might be a few other items, but this covers most of the spectrum. Come talk to myself or other Cypher Coaches, and we can help you identify what supplemental work will get you on your optimal path. In some cases it can be as little as 10-15 minutes per day of “extra credit”.

Finally, don’t sell yourself short! You are all made of the same star stuff as CrossFit Games champions. Forreals. Your goals are different by degree but not by kind. If you have the desire, we will find a way to see you through to your potential.


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