Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery shopping can be a challenging chore but it is key to staying on track with our health and wellness goals. Here are our top tips for healthy grocery shopping! 


#1 – Add grocery shopping to your calendar weekly so that you block off the time to get it done. Make it a priority and schedule other activities around it. 


#2 – Make a master grocery list in Google docs, make it flow in the order of your store, and print out a ton of copies. Take a quick inventory at home, cross off what you DON’T need on the list, and head out the door.


#3 – Stick with the perimeter of the grocery store! I can count on one hand the number of items we purchase in the aisles.  If purchasing in the aisles check the ingredient list. Is it full of items you can’t pronounce? Chances are it’s highly processed and not a healthy option.


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To your continued success,

Coach Don

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