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Hello Squatting Enthusiast!

Welcome to version 3.0 of Cypher Health & Fitness’s (Modified) Hatch Squat Program. Based on the great results from last time and recent, renewed enthusiasm for getting STRONG that we have seen, we have decided to offer it up again!


The original Hatch Squat Program is a 12-week cycle of Back Squats and Front Squats designed to improve your strength in both these movements. We have modified or “customized” it to an 8-week time period to better fit the goals of our members and realities of doing a strength cycle in the greater CrossFit context. You will find that an increase in your strength in the Back Squat and Front Squat has a strong carryover to just about everything we do in CrossFit. We have also included bonus (and optional) strength templates for Pressing and Pulling movements, and some Olympic Lifting for speed/technique maintenance.

Cost & Registration – $75

This is a $75 add-on to your current membership (payment/registration link).

We will also be capping the program at 8 participants. This is to ensure there are enough bars, equipment, and minimal schedule conflict for those that would like to get their squats in during and around class times (we will go over this in detail further down). It will also make sure that we are able to effectively monitor each of you, and ensure the safety and efficacy of the program.


  1. You have been a Cypher member for 6+ months.
  2. No outstanding mobility or form issues.
  3. No otherwise complicating injuries/medical issues.
  4. You are able to commit for the duration.


Use this payment/registration link. Once you are paid and registered you will receive a packet with all the details, and we will plan a date for you to start.

If you have questions feel free to e-mail me at, but keep in mind that a lot of common questions are addressed in the packet. Thanks for your interest in getting Skrong! We’re looking forward to all the awesome Re-Test PRs and lovely suffer faces along the way >=D!

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