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Taking the long-term approach when it comes to nutrition

Taking the long-term approach when it comes to nutrition   What does that look like?   Taking a long-term approach to improving our nutrition means …

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The Secret Life of Peas

According to a UN report on climate change, ” Agriculture, including forestry, fisheries, and livestock productions, generate a fifth of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions.” …

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The Value of Goal-Setting Sessions

Have you ever woken up and thought “Am I just spinning my wheels”? You realize that you’ve been doing the same thing every day with no …

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Do you have a goal of weekly exercise routine with eating healthy? Have you notice there are many obstacles in the way? The key to …

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Is what you are eating helping or hurting your workouts?

Think about your last really amazing workout performance. A workout where you walked away feeling like you gave it your all, and it showed. The …

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Lost your motivation? Don’t be discouraged; shift your focus!

You are not alone! No matter who it is, at some point, everyone gets a case of the “I don’t want to’s.” Living life can …

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More Than You Can Chew: Eating for the CrossFit Open

“If you want to be a beast you have to eat like a beast,” a bodybuilder once eloquently stated. By this logic, if you want …

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Goals for February: Making New Year’s resolutions that will stick!

Looking at the new year, many people have made New Year’s resolutions. By the second month of the year, some of those New Year’s resolutions …

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Are You Seeing Results?

How will you know when you’re half way there? When it comes to seeing results in fitness, it is important to have holistic and subjective …

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What’s The Difference?

We’re about 6 weeks into 2019! How are things going for you?   Around this time of the year the 2019 new year’s resolution willpower …

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