Being vs. Becoming

I want to be an astronaut. I want to become an astronaut.

I want to have a million dollars. I want to earn more.

I want to qualify for the CrossFit Games. I want to improve my fitness today.

I want a muscle-up! Watch this set of strict pull-ups.

I want to have six pack abs. I want to develop six pack abs through improved nutrition.

I want to have a 300# Squat. Meet me at the bar at 5.

Can you hear the difference? It’s subtle, but it’s everything. One is a destination, the other is a process, an action One is a passive state of having “arrived.” You don’t have to do anything, because in your mind you’re already there!

This is the big lie we tell ourselves. If we just focus enough on the big goal, that will take us to it. The reality is, even if you do eventually achieve these things, they’re not yours to possess. Savor it for a moment though, then look up again.

What do people do who achieve great things? They’re putting on their shoes right now.

They’re on the go, in a constant state of becoming. The Big Goal is just a way to steer the ship — to give it a sense of direction — but the commitment to the process is really the goal. As you approach the horizon, the mirage gives way to greater clarity, and the ship’s course often changes as a result. But the daily discipline and practice is what it’s all about. Because… why?

Why do they do it? Because that’s what makes them happy.

Mauricio Leal

Cypher Health & Fitness Owner


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