4 Ways to STICK to your New Year’s Resolution

The holidays are over, you had your fun and you are looking for a reset. 


Tugging at your clothes, feeling “swollen.” being tired, and getting winded easily just won’t cut it anymore. This year you make a New Year’s Resolution and you are going to reach your goal NO MATTER WHAT. 


We want you to get there too, so here are 4 things to do to make sure you get there:


  1. Break down your resolution into small achievable goals. This will allow you to feel success and motivate you to keep going. If you want to lose weight one of those small goals could be starting a workout routine.
  2. Find an accountability buddy. We all need someone to help keep us on track and to encourage us when we want to quit. If you have a fitness or health-related goal and don’t have anyone to be that person for you- our nutrition coach is ready to help and be that person!
  3. Be positive. If it has been done, there is NO REASON you can’t do it too! Quit telling yourself you can’t and remind yourself that you can and WILL.  You may have set a goal that will take longer than you think- but you can meet your resolution. 
  4. Record and review. Write down your journey. ( I know this sounds cheesy- but it works) You will have ups and downs so when you are feeling hopeless review your journal. Then appreciate the actions you have taken, value what you have been doing to meet your goal and write down a few things you can focus on until you gain your motivation back.


We believe in you and we know you can feel better about yourself. We know you don’t have to live your life hiding behind big clothes, making jokes about yourself, and standing in the back of pictures.


 We also know that help and guidance can be necessary for some people which is why we provide quality nutrition services that help you develop healthier habits, so book a free intro and let’s chat about how we can help you meet that New Year’s Resolution.


To Your Continued Success,

Coach Don



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