What’s The Difference?

We’re about 6 weeks into 2019! How are things going for you?


Around this time of the year the 2019 new year’s resolution willpower starts to wane. So, many go looking for something a little more than a treadmill, as that solo routine at one of the big access-based gyms may feel a little tired and uninspired.


You might go looking for a group atmosphere where you can get some extra motivation, and a coach who can just show you the right things to do instead of you guessing or having to do research. Awesome, that’s part of why CrossFit affiliates and other types of coached fitness programs exist.


But there are so many choices out there for gyms and fitness in general, it can be overwhelming. How do you decide? Here’s why we think you should come check out Cypher:


More Than A Number – At Cypher we start out by meeting with you for a 30-45 minute “No-Sweat Intro” consultation. No workout, just a conversation. We want to actually get to know you, find out what you’ve done before, what you’re trying to accomplish now, and what you’re ready to commit to with your valuable time, energy, and money. We don’t accept everyone who wants to join. But if it is a good fit, we teach you the Fundamentals of Fitness first, a series of workout sessions to set you up for long-term success. We do these 1-on-1 because we’ve tried many different ways, and have really had the most success when we can take our time working with you individually. These sessions are all scalable and customized to meet you where you are. You don’t have to get in shape first, or lift heavy weights if you’re not ready or showing the right technique yet. It’s OK to make mistakes and take your time.


We’ve Got Numbers Too – We’ve got receipts! Really though, we have a LOT of data showing that CrossFit and our programs work! If you show up and put in the time, you WILL get life-changing results.


Constant Contact – We meet with each of our members every 3 months or less for a Goal Review. If we don’t see you at class, you will be getting a call :). If we DO see you at class, you will also be getting a call because you’re awesome!


Experienced Coaching Team – We’re coming up on our 10-year anniversary as a fitness business! I still remember driving to my first clients’ houses and training them in their living room with homemade equipment. Those were the days 😉 (hi Alan and Carol!). We’ve come a long way, but never forget the humble roots and commitment to excellence that brought us here in the first place. We’ve clocked over 10,000 hours of coaching experience, have consistently delivered measurable results, and immeasurable ones. We’re most proud of how many people we’ve taught how to do the basics properly, like squat below parallel, and learn how to properly set their back for a deadlift, so that they will always be able to carry their own groceries. All the ladies who have gotten their first pull-up at our gym, all the kids who have discovered their love of fitness, and all your PRs Cypher friends <3!


Battle Tested – Both Leslie and I have advanced degrees in related fields, have competed at a high level, and still actually lift. This might be the only time you hear about it though, because our mission at Cypher is not about us, it’s about you!


Expertise without Elitism – The best coach I knew of growing up was my high school football coach. He commanded respect because he was loud and a physical presence, and knew how to win games. Football was like second nature to him, he would go on tirades and scold us with f-bombs when we made mistakes, and grab kids by their face masks and shake them around when they were really acting up. He was in charge, and this was normal at the time (might still be). This is the old school way: you had the good, the bad, and ugly all wrapped into one. And it’s part of what made him great for that kind of game at that time. But over the years I reflect back and realize that this isn’t the only way to “win,” and that there are things far more important than winning, like the way we treat each other. At Cypher, we pride ourselves on being great teachers without the attitude. We are here to support you first, and improve your pull-up technique second. Big results come when you enjoy the people you spend your time working and sweating with, and learn to trust their expertise without fear of getting in trouble.


Algunos de Nosotros Hablamos Español 😉 – ! Ok, estoy empezando a tomar clases! Pero tenemos dos entrenadores en el personal que hablan con fluidez. Queremos ayudar a todos, incluida la comunidad latina y las minorías que a menudo no pueden encontrar buenos entrenadores y y atención médica.


Diversity – Everybody is so different here and in the East Bay in general, and it’s something special that we take pride in and celebrate.


Not A Hobby –  For Leslie and I, this is our career, not a side gig. We’re in it to make a difference, and transform health and fitness in THIS community.

A Little Less Talk – A little more action. Come experience the difference!



Cypher Health & Fitness


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