Want to Fit More Comfortably in Your Clothes? Do this ONE thing!

If you don’t like the way your body looks, the problem is almost always food. Sometimes it’s the quantity of food. Sometimes it’s the quality of food. But it’s always the food. 


It is not your genetics. It is never how old you are. It’s never that you are a man or woman. 

It’s the quantity of the food, or it’s the quality of the food. Or the ratio of macronutrients you’re consuming. Which includes protein, carbohydrates, fat and alcohol.


It’s often the people who have the hardest time losing weight that are the same people who have the hardest time judging and journaling accurate quantities of food. If the scale isn’t moving, you should start weighing and measuring your food to recalibrate yourself to how much you’re actually consuming.


Download MyFitnessPal and start tracking what you’re eating, this can be incredibly insightful. As your levels of quality food improves, the quantity is going to become less important. And as the quality of your food improves, you’ll start to burn fat and get leaner and fit into your clothing more comfortably!

To Your Continued Success,

Coach Don



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