The Keto Craze

One of the most amazing things happened to me recently. A good friend sent me a photo of her husband, and to my surprise, I hardly recognized him; he had lost so much weight. I use to live with them, and I know that seeing my eating habits played some role in changing what was for dinner, but most of their success came from them researching a plan and sticking with it. The method they chose was the keto-diet. I try not to show a preference for one diet over another. I’m an advocate of eating a balanced diet full of whole foods, lean meats and plenty of vegetables. However, sharing knowledge isn’t sharing preference, and with a diet as often misunderstood as the Keto diet the more you know, the better.

Put simply, the Keto diet is just a low carb diet. Initially developed in the first half of the 20th century to treat children with epilepsy the low-carb, high-fat diet has spawned such spin offs diets as the Atkins diet and the south beach diet. The science behind the Keto diet is that if you limit the number of carbohydrates you take in your body will be forced to use its fat stores as a source of energy.

There is some pushback against the keto diet. Some of it stems from half-hazard approaches to the diet like those that think its diet comprised solely of avocados, Bacon, and bulletproof coffee. Then there are the legitimate reservations opponents of the Keto diet raise such as the long-term impact of being on the diet for too long. Although the effects of being on this type of diet are unclear. There have been instances of people starving themselves of essential fibers required for balanced health.
All in all, I think the two most important factors of any diet is that it is healthy in that it supplies you with all the necessary micro and macro-nutrients you need to live a healthy life, and second that it is something you can stick with. Looking back on my friend’s weight loss, I don’t think they would have stuck with my vegetarian way of eating for very long. Knowing this I’m glad they found a diet that worked for them and gave them the results they wanted.

To Your Continued Success,

Coach Don

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