Swole Cypher 1 Athlete Profile: Casey King



1. Name: Casey King

2. What gym are you repping?

Alameda CrossFit

3. How many CrossFit competitions have you done?

5-7 Comps

4. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit and/or competing?

The community and the whole concept of progression when it comes to CrossFit. There is a never ending need for improvement, you can always be better at something.

5. What constitutes a “win” for you with Swole Cypher 1? (e.g.: just finishing, top 5, winning it all, etc.)

Doing the best that I can do. leave it all at the competition.

6. What’s a favorite CrossFit memory/story of yours?

No specific favorite, but I always love moments when I perform a movement or skill proficiently in a WOD and think back to when I couldn’t do that particular movement/skill very well or at all. Its a great sense of gratitude and reminder that practice makes perfect.

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