Swole Cypher 1 Athlete Profile: Alexis Horn

spartan rope pulling

1. Name: Alexis Horn

2. What gym are you repping?

CrossFit Oakland Uptown

3. How many CrossFit competitions have you done?

7+ Comps

4. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit and/or competing?

I love feeling strong! My favorite thing about competing is when the adrenaline hits right before a competition starts.

5. What constitutes a “win” for you with Swole Cypher 1? (e.g.: just finishing, top 5, winning it all, etc.)

My goal for a competition is to be in the top 10%. At the very least, I try to not be last!

6. What’s a favorite CrossFit memory/story of yours?

On the morning of my wedding I PR’d my snatch! I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of good times to come!

kipping pull up

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