Swole Cypher 1 Athlete Profile: Jennifer Lynch


1. Name: Jennifer Lynch

2. What gym are you repping?

Game Changer Fitness (www.gcfitclub.com)

3. How many CrossFit competitions have you done?

7+ Comps

4. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit and/or competing?

WODing all day; hanging out with friends; making new friends; eating all day hanging out in the tent!

5. What constitutes a “win” for you with Swole Cypher 1? (e.g.: just finishing, top 5, winning it all, etc.)

Not Last. Being in the top 25% for Masters Age 40+.

6. What’s a favorite CrossFit memory/story of yours?

First NorCal Masters Comp Jan 2015, came in 1st place for the run. Running may not be the most “CrossFitty” thing, but it’s something I’m good at, and can actually do well at! Anytime I make a PR. I love getting stronger!


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