Grand Opening!

It’s time! Our gym is looking lovely and ready to be burpeed upon vigorously by all you burpee enthusiasts ;). We’re going to have our Grand Opening Free Community Class and BBQ next Saturday, February 25th at 10AM (driving directions). Please RSVP so we can get a head count. If you’d just like to stop by for some food and good company you can come at 11AM, but we strongly encourage everyone to get their WOD on — it’s sort of what we’re about!

We will provide delicious BBQ items and some sides, but if anyone is interested in contributing a dish let us know (Paleo and Un-Paleo are welcome). We may create a spreadsheet if there’s more than a couple contributors.

Bring your family and friends to make it a raucous good time! If anyone is looking to sign-up we will discuss membership options at the end of class. Thanks and looking forward to seeing all of you!


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