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For a limited time, your first month of Unlimited Cypher Health & Fitness classes: $99

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Look, we know you may be on the fence about starting your CrossFit adventure. It seems expensive at first, especially if you’ve been going to a conventional gym. Cool story: a few years back I got in on an old 24-Hour Fitness deal: something like $800 for 3 years up front — which I went to 3x/week on average for the first year, then not at all — then $50/year indefinitely. $50 per yearAnd I didn’t go there! At all! But it sure feels awesome to get a deal right? But you know what else feels awesome?: actually being successful.

I want you in the door, no excuses. If the value of what we offer isn’t obvious after a month, you have our best wishes on your success elsewhere, and you probably won’t regret the modest investment that got you there.

Don’t hold back.

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