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Welcome! We are excited for our partnership with Groupon, which offers you a simple way to start your CrossFit journey with us. We are offering two deals, one for our On-Ramp and another for our On-Ramp Plus 2-Week Membership.

Here is the link to the deals:

Once you have purchased one of the deals through Groupon, you may redeem it with us by following these 3 simple steps:

1) Call 510-253-2468 or e-mail and mention your Groupon purchase to schedule a Free 30-Minute 1-on-1 Consultation. This will give you an opportunity to meet your CrossFit Coach, discuss your fitness goals, discuss your background and any health or medical concerns, and get a feel for what we’re all about. If you leave a voice mail just remember to tell us your name, phone number, and Groupon Voucher Number.

2) Fill out our online Waiver and Questionnaire (e-signature). If you prefer you may fill out a paper copy in person at the gym, but the e-version saves time and gives us additional opportunities to discuss any health or medical concerns beforehand.

3) Just show up! Towards the end of the consultation we will discuss the On-Ramp logistics and register you for the appropriate schedule. On-Ramp is a two-week introductory course (three classes per week) that will teach you the fundamental CrossFit movements, show you various types of CrossFit workouts, as well as provide a comfortable forum for you to ask any questions and develop your knowledge of CrossFit and movement.

After your On-Ramp course is completed, if you purchased Groupon Deal #2 then you will have access to any of our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes for the two weeks immediately following your On-Ramp.

If you purchased Groupon Deal #1 then we can get you registered for one of our memberships at this point, after which you may then attend our regular classes as well.

A typical one-hour class consists of the following:

1. Mobility and Warm-up (10 min)

2. Movement and Skill Development (10 min)

3. Strength Workout (10-20 min)

4. Conditioning Workout or “WOD” (5-20 min)

5. Cool Down, Stretching, Q&A (5-10 min)

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we will get back to you ASAP. Thanks and looking forward.


Cypher Health & Fitness Founder & Head Coach

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