Are You Seeing Results?

How will you know when you’re half way there?

When it comes to seeing results in fitness, it is important to have holistic and subjective goals to orient yourself, such as how you feel, look in the mirror, how energized and upbeat you are after getting a great workout in with your friends, and your quality of life that improves outside of the gym walls.

But it is also important to have objective measures, such as performance improvements (how much stronger and/or faster you’ve gotten), hours of sleep and quality, resting heart rate & BMR, lipid profile, and body composition. These will help ground you and are reliable when your feelings may fluctuate or evolve over time.

For these objective measures, it’s relatively simple to answer question of where half way is, because it’s just halfway between point A and point B. If you want to lose 10 lbs of body fat, half way will be 5 lbs. But you gotta measure! This is why for body composition we invested in an InBody 270 at Cypher. I say invest because it was a pretty penny, but unfortunately all the cheaper devices just weren’t up to par. This is the gold standard for regular use, right up there with Dexa scans.

We offer free scans for all new members, and encourage our members to check-in on their progress regularly with a scan. If you’ve been consistent and focused, you’ll get to see how that shows up in your results, and it will motivate you to keep going. If you’ve been half-stepping, the InBody will know. Some may find this as a reason not to measure.. ahhh not the blinding light of truth! It’s ok, we forgive you. Now forgive yourself, and let’s get better. Anything worth doing will take effort and intention, and if you put in the work the results will speak for themselves next time.

But what does it all mean? Below I break down the InBody Results sheet, so you will know!

This is the InBody 270 Results sheet. It’s broken down intro 5 sections, but I’m going to focus on the 2nd section, the Muscle-Fat Analysis. The essence of this is to be able to compare your Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM) and and Body Fat Mass to a large set of other individuals in your “cohort” AKA people like you. In the example above, Jane Doe is a 5 ft 1.8″, 51 year old Female. That’s her cohort or group for comparison. This enables us to see where you are compared to a healthier version of you, and how far you have to go to get there. The units are normalized so that “100%” is a straight line down the middle. This is the “ideal” state to get to for basic health purposes.

We generally break down this part of the sheet into 3 Profiles to represent different proportions of weight, muscle, and fat:

1. The “C” profile is shown below, and is represented be Weight above 100%, SMM below 100%, and Fat above 100%. Connect the dots and you get a “C” shape.


2. The “I” profile is represented by even levels of weight, SMM, and fat. This is the normal healthy state of affairs, but it’s not necessarily easy to achieve.

3. Finally there’s the “D” profile, ahh the promised land. This is represented by weight levels either equal or slightly greater than 100%, SMM equal or greater than 100%, and fat levels at or below 100%. This is the work of months and years.

How do you go from one to the other? Exercise and proper diet! If only it was that simple, right? In a way it is, but what you don’t know you don’t know. We are often immersed in cultures of unhealth, so making progress towards health often involves un-learning some habits and behaviors that are deeply embedded into our lifestyle. This is where a coach and support system comes in. It takes a village to make change.

Want to learn more about your InBody results? Watch the video below, or book a No-Sweat Intro and see for yourself!


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