2019: A Year in Review

As 2019 comes to a close I want to take a moment, and a few words, to thank the Cypher Health & Fitness members that have made a long term commitment to nutriton. Below are just a few of the members that have made nutrition a priority. As a result, each member listed has grown uniquely. Cheers to all the hard work you have done!

Recently Tierra accomplished her first pull-up. I have watched her work towards this goal all year long, and I was just as excited as she was when she accomplished it. Tierra brings the same focus and determination to her nutrition goals. I have enjoyed every session, and I know this is the first pull-up of many to come. Good luck in the New Year!

When Nguyen came to Cypher he was maybe 113lbs. Nguyen pursued his fitness and nutrition goals with the same care and respect he gives everyone he meets. As a result, he improved his Jeremy score and packed on 20 lbs! Keep growing Nguyen. Grow in every direction; and if anyone says you can’t possibly grow anymore, grow beyond them. Good luck to you big guy.

I can’t say Maggie’s name without a smile spreading across my face. So much joy comes bustling through the door when Maggie enters a room. Even if it is 15 minutes after the hour, you’re glad she’s there. Maggie has learned so much during her time with nutrition coaching. I feel confident she will apply everything she has learned well into 2020. Remember Maggie, “We are fighting dreamers.”

Shirley joined Cypher with crystal clear goals: she wanted to gain muscle and pass her police exam. She did! Watching her transformation was like watching Lynda Carter transform into Wonder Woman. It seemed to happen in an instant but the reality is it took months and months are showing up to class and eating enough for two people! If you look today You’ll likely see Shirley running circles around most of the guys and holding up the world on her shoulders. You go, Shirley!

I can’t think of anyone who works as hard and loves harder than Dana. I lean on Dana in classes just as much as she leans on me for nutrition and fitness help. I often pair her with new members who might be shy or unsure during their first class. I do this knowing that they will experience the community we often mention when explaining Cypher. Dana is the embodiment of what I think Cypher stands for: compassionate, consistent and one determined athlete.

I hate to bring this reflection to an end, but I promised Mauricio I would keep these articles to 500 words. So, I will conclude by saying, if I have coached you then you have taught me something in return as well. I carry a memory of each of you with me not only to New York but also to wherever life takes me. Thank you!

To your Continued Success,
Coach Don


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